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Company Overview:
The CNMP Team is comprised of an Executive Management team with a strong track record in the research, development and manufacturing of Optical Systems for Broadband Service Providers. The Engineers, Network Architects, Hardware and Software Engineers are among the best in the industry.
CNMP¡¯s fundamental philosophy has been to ¡°simplify and miniaturize complex optical transmission systems", and in doing so, we have been able to eliminate unnecessary cost, and extend the useful life of a system. CNMP¡¯s advanced optical technology makes traditional complicated optical WDM systems as truly "plug-and-play", so that the cost savings are not only based on the Capex but also Opex.
CNMP product portfolio includes three categories

  1. WDM (CWDM and DWDM ) based platform
  2. TDM based Multiplexer platform
  3. WDM and TDM based platform with the switching function

CNMP WDM platform is focused on advanced optical technology to transform the traditional large (4~8 RU) WDM system into miniaturized 1 RU, simplified, and the most cost efficient systems.
The CNMP WDM platform has the following key advantages

    1. The smallest form factor with largest capacity (1 RU, with max 40 G/s capacity)
    2. Extremely low cost
    3. Simple and plug play (no optical jumper wiring required for wavelength configuration)
    4. Flexibility: one platform can be multiple different products
    5. Scalability, device is initially max 40G with 1 RU only, capable of stacking to 8x40 G without service interruption. 320G is with 4RU only.
    6. Re-configurable: Switch-less optical networks architecture. As an alternative to ROADM, CNMP¡¯s ARMOR (Automatic Re-configurable Mini Optical Ring Network) has an advantage of 8~ 10 x lower costs and mini size.
    7. Low power consumption, less space requirement, and high reliability 

CNMP TDM based platform uses state of the art advanced electronic/semiconductor chip technology , which can cost efficiently aggregate the multiple user traffic and save the expensive optical module/device cost.
CNMP TDM based platform provides 24xGbE, 10x1GbE, 2x1GbE Ethernet aggregators.
CNMP WDM and TDM based platform with the switching function includes 24GbE switching and aggregate into 2xOTU2.
CNMP products have passed major certification procedures, such as VCCI, CE, UL, FCC , NEBS.