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CNMP Networks(Beijing) Inc. is now developing not only new function more suitable for the multiple 10G market but 40G, 100G Ethernet transmission products for next generation broadband internet.

CNMP Networks (Beijing) Inc. developed new chassis type products for the multiple 10G market which were shipped to the biggest ISP, the biggest CATV operator in Japan and the second biggest carrier (CAT Telecom) in Thailand.
We also provided the second biggest DSL provider (Free telecom) in France with the 10G transmission product.

CNMP Networks (Beijing) Inc. increased its capital to develop new chassis type products more suitable for the multiple 10G market with the investment from the VC in Japan - Jafco, Softbank Investment and etc.

CNMP Networks (Beijing) Inc. was established in 2003 in Beijing, The People¡¯s Republic of China with the office located in Shangdi to be invested by Hitachi cable, Sumitomo corp and Mitsui corp acquiring the certificate of high-tech enterprises in China.
CNMP Networks (Beijing) mission was to deliver high performance and low cost transmission products for the broadband internet. Its products were targeted at the Carries, ISP, IDC and CATV for the broadband internet service. CNMP Networks (Beijing)¡¯s first products were the eWAVE for 2.5G and 10G long haul Ethernet transmission and oWAVE for the passive CWDM which were delivered to the biggest IPTV project in Japan.
CNMP Networks (Beijing) Inc. expanded the 10G Ethernet market for the broadband internet to provide the biggest DSL provider (YahooBB) in Japan with the 10G transmission products for all Ethernet Metropolitan Area Network.