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Metro Aggregation:
Two CNMP product platforms provide low cost, high capacity solution for WDM and TDM aggregation in the edge of metropolitan application. These products support multi-service, L2 switch and G.709.
eWAVE4107 series is a compact platform integrates DWDM/CWDM system in 1RU mini-chassis.
eWAVE10110 works as muxponder, which aggregates 10xGbE into 1x10GE. Long haul port of eWAVE10110 supports 80km DWDM transmission.
eWAVE10120 works as muxponder, which aggregates 20xGbE into 2x10GE. Long haul port of eWAVE10120 supports 80km DWDM transmission.
eWAVE10124 integrates 24xGbE port switches and two 10G media convertors. It supports L2 switch and 80km DWDM transmission.
oWAVE1101-xxxx is ADD/DROP module used in DWDM or CWDM system