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oWAVE1318 Series

oWAVE13xx series

oWAVE13xx series are EDFA equipments used in DWDM system, which can support C band or L band. These 1U rack equipments include pre-amplifier, boost- amplifier and 2-stage line-amplifier. oWAVE13xx series can also be customer specified for different applications.

oWAVE1318oWAVE1318 is a pre-amplifier used in C-band DWDM, which gain is higher than +25dB.

oWAVE1318BoWAVE1318 is a boost-amplifier used in C-band DWDM, which max output power is +17dBm.

oW1318ToW1318 is a 2stage line-amplifier used in C-band DWDM, which gain is higher than +25dB.

  C band, ITU-T DWDM grid compliant
Maximum output level
  +17.5dBm, +21dBm, +23dGm
  153dB(oWAVE1318B), 253dB(oWAVE1318/oWAVE1318T)
Noise figure
  Below 6.0dB(oWAVE1318T)
Middle access loss
  101dB(oWAVE1318T alone)
  SC/PC polished ends
  100~240VAC/DC-55 ~ -40VDC, Supports redundant power supply

Power Comsumption

  Less than 20w
Physical Dimension
  19.02 in(W) x 13.74 in(D) x 1.73 in(H) mm (including fittings for   19-inch racks)