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oWAVE 1400

 oWAVE 1400
As the DWDM management/optical supervisory channel equipment, the oWAVE1400 is specially designed for building CNMP DWDM network. Each network node can manage eight oWAVE or eWAVE by using oWAVE1400. Proprietary Ethernet technology of CNMP can make the distance between two oWAVE1400 equipments reach 80km.
 oWAVE1400 supports RIPv2 protocol£¬user 100M interfaces£¬East and West optical interfaces, optical interfaces, and 100M management interface and can be used for management of Point-to-Point¡¢Ring¡¢Add/Drop Topology, etc.

¡ôAdd/drop 1310nm Optical Supervisory Channel , and Add/Drop Module is designed
as Passive Swappable Daughter System with High Reliability
¡ôProprietary Optical Supervisory Channel based on Ethernet Technology and Transmit over 80km
¡ôProvide Eight 100 Base-TX User Ports and Support Eight eWAVE or oWAVE Management at the same time
¡ôCan be used with oWAVE series¡¯ filter units
¡ôSupport Point-to-Point¡¢Ring¡¢Add/Drop Topology, etc.

Loss Budget
Optical Power
Receiver Sensitivity
-  38dBm
Data Rate
  50 Mbit/s
WDM Insertion Loss
  0.5dB(1310nm Insertion), 0.5dB(1310nm Download), 0.5dB(1510nm Channel)
Local Bureau Equipment Management Interface
  Eight 100Base-TX
  100~120/200~240VAC,DC-55 ~ -40VDC, 20W
Local User Management Interface (CLI)
EMS Management Interface
  10 Base-T
  436 x 408 x 43mm / 7kg



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