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EMS Features

WAVE Manager manages eWAVE4107 series products which run SNMP protocol.
¡ñNetwork topology management (network/sub-network hierarchy display, NE node and Link display,
  NE-and-Link¡¯s alarm status display)
¡ñConfiguration management (save configuration, configuration sync, configuration details display, configure entities parameters, display operate status)
¡ñPerformance management (PM collection, PM store to DB, current PM polling, PM display in table format or graph format)
¡ñFault management (SNMP Trap reception and process, alarm creation/store, alarm synchronization to client GUI, alarm display/filter/delete on GUI)
¡ñSecurity management, Log management, NE software management, Wavelength Management
¡ñGUI client(strong NE front panel function, client as separate Java program ,max 25 clients operation at one time)

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