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NMS Features

NMS Features
WAVE Manager manages eWAVE4107
series products which run SNMP protocol.
¡ñnetwork topology management, including network/
  sub-network hierarchy display, NE node and Link display,
  NE-and-Link¡¯s alarm status display
¡ñconfiguration management(save configuration,
   configuration sync, configuration details display,
   configure entities parameters, display operate status)
¡ñperformance management, including PM collection,   PM store to DB, current PM real-time polling,
   PM display   in table format or graph format.
¡ñfault management(SNMP Trap real-time reception and process, alarm creation/store and synchronization
   to client GUI, alarm display/filter/delete on GUI)
¡ñsecurity management, log management, NE software management, wavelength Management
¡ñGUI Client(strong NE front panel function, client as separate Java program ,max 25 clients operation
   at one time )

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