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CNMP focus on leading technology transport products and solutions
2011-1-21 15:19:12   

CNMP focus on leading technology transport products and solutions.

As a leading technology company in the ¡°On-Demand¡± Optical Ethernet transport market especially Wide Ethernet and carrier Ethernet for the telecommunications and enterprise industries, CNMP understands technology and market evolution which enable us to have a dynamic view of our customers¡¯ network. Then we can provide our solutions to meet the requirements of today and of the future as well. We make our customers¡¯ network more resilient, more reliable and more adaptable, all at the same time.

CNMP provides end-to-end transport solutions built on optical networking technology. CNMP¡¯s transport solutions have been successfully deployed on a large scale in major telecom networks in Japan/France/South East Asia. These solutions cover traditional SDH/SONET, Carrier Ethernet, High capacity C/DWDM solutions as well as a common Network Management System.

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